School Council

School Council

Being a member of the School Council at Mount Clear Primary School is a rewarding way to be directly involved with your child’s school education. Through the School Council, parents and staff from the school community can be involved in the governance of the school, enabling members the opportunity to shape future directions.

School Council members, together with parents and representatives from the wider school community are welcome to be a part of our School Council Sub Committees. These committees look at different areas of our school and provide recommendations to School Council that will help to improve or benefit our children’s’ learning experiences.  At Mount Clear we run the following Sub Committees;

Finance – Responsible for reviewing and monitoring all of the schools finance’s and budgets. This committee meet monthly before school council and review the previous month’s finances.

Education – This committee generally meets monthly and is responsible for the review of school policies and the reviewing the school camps. Recommendations are then made to the School Council around modification and / or endorsement of these items.

School Development – Ideas for fund raising are developed through this committee, including sponsorship for school events and developing school functions to build the school community.

Facilities – This committee monitors the facilities of the school including the buildings, playground and grounds. As well as looking at the short term maintenance of the school the facilities committee helps to draft long term ideas for our school that will help us to achieve learning outcomes and make the school a better place for our children.

Sub committees can be open to all members of our community, not just those on school council, if you have an interest in being involved then please speak to our Principal, Christine Simmons for more information.

At Mount Clear PS our School Councillors are actively encouraged to take on both a leading and hands on role in projects for our school community. This ranges from organising and leading fundraisers, working bees or to the design and planning of major landscaping and facilities projects. This really gives the community the opportunity to make the school ours and to shape it for our community.

Being a part of the School Council is rewarding and a great way to ensure that our school is the best it can be for our children and I encourage all parents to get involved.

Scott Mason

School Council President

More information on school councils, their roles and responsibilities can be found on the DEECD website by following the below link.