Student Leadership


Student Leadership

Emphasis is placed on developing every child as a leader in our community. All Year 6 students have a leadership role.  Responsibilities include the organisation and presentation of school assemblies, as well as the role associated with their specific area of responsibility. Community events which students are actively involved in include, the school disco, the Ballarat Begonia Festival, fundraising for charities, ANZAC day ceremony, special lunch time activities and buddy programs

Comments from some of our leaders:

House Leaders

“We encourage students with sporting events.”

“We are helpful, responsible and humble.”

“We organise sports equipment for playtimes and help organise events such as the School Cross Country day.”

Wellbeing Leaders

“ We organise the Buddy Leaders and run programs at lunchtimes.”

“We help in the library and at the Book Fair.”

“We deliver newspapers to classrooms,  collect classroom pockets and distribute the newsletters.”

Environmental Leaders

“We help out in the kitchen garden program with things like recycling and composting.”

“We organise the bins, lock and unlock gates and do other outside jobs.”